I have published two books, Red Sky at Night and World in a Teacup.

My poems bring out feelings about my life and living in London. After many years of writing for myself, I felt it was time to put them into print so other people could enjoy my work.

Red Sky at Night was my first book, published in 2015. My second book, World in a Teacup, continues where the first left off.

My books can be bought on Amazon and other online stores.

“You will see a variety of themes. Some may take you to a darker place while others will get your mind thinking and even put a smile on your face. Charles Browne is a champion for people with mental health problems and an example to us all. This talented man takes us deep into his mind and lets us share his thoughts,

Tina Johnston, Co-ordinator for Older People’s Services, Blackfriars Settlement.

My poetry readings made these waxworks stand still in quiet contemplation.

But my mum is moved by my poetry.