Kabir Das read by Jon

I want to hear what poems you enjoy and why. I’d also like to hear you reading them to me. If you’d like to share a poem with me, get in touch.

First up, it’s Jon, He agreed to do this, but only if I got some other people to do the same! So help me out and get in touch if you’d like to read a poem for me!

Jon reads two poems by Kabir Das, a 15th Century Indian mystic. He says Kabir’s words, which were written over 500 years ago, are as relevant today as they were then he wrote them. He tells me they are sung in block buster Bollywood films to this day.

Jon told me Kabir’s words help him understand the simple reality of life. He also says Kabir’s insightful questioning of the meaningless rituals in religion were brave, thought provoking, and have meaning today.

Whether you agree or disagree, I hope you enjoy Jon’s readings of Kabir.

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