I am a father. I am a poet. I am me.

Poetry and people have given me a purpose and helped me to thrive. I love words and use poetry to share my experiences with others and explain my thoughts.

Much of my poetry is about my past and present experiences of living with paranoia, how it’s impacted me over many years and the ways I’ve learned to cope with the challenges I sometimes face.

I’ve had many great days, but I’ve also experienced some very tough times. Over the years, I’ve learned techniques to help maintain and manage my mental health and wellbeing, and cope when it gets difficult.

I write for pleasure. I write for other people. I write with a purpose.

If my experiences give hope to another person with a mental health condition, or helps their family and friends understand mental health better and how they could help, I’ll be pleased. I also hope that professionals working in mental health field gain an insight into what it’s like from a patient’s perspective, and my words and poems can help them do what they do.

Enjoy my words. I hope you find pleasure, hope and purpose in my poetry.


I am pineapple, a poet and a person.